Child Sponsorship Programme / Vivekananda Child Development Fund :

Key highlights of the programme :

  1. Sponsorship support for education is given in three phases. 1st phase is for preprimary to Madhyamic level, 2nd phase is for XI & XII standard and 3rd phase is for Degree/Technical education.
  2. Primary education is given at our parallel primary schools and secondary school students are supported at our Special Assistance centres .
  3. VCDF supports all sponsored children by providing books, exercise books, learning materials, school uniforms, puja dresses and winter garments.
  4. Awareness on preventive health care support is provided.
  5. Mother’s/parents participation is encouraged for their active involvement in child’s educational and holistic growth.
Kaluray Unnayan Sangha
Malubasan Shree Ramakrishna Sangha