Early Child Education Centres (BCE) were started in the year 2005 Motgoda, Raniband in Bankura district, Ajodhya Hill and Santus in Purulia district and Gohalbera in Jhargram district of West Bengal for children up to 6 years of age.
The main objective of this program is to develop school going habit among the children at their early ages, to provide primary orientation of the basic literacy, their environment and to make themselves aware of the hygienic habits required for leading healthy hie. This in supplemented by imbibing cultural values at their early childhood.
 10 ECE centres were operated which were being managed by 20 local teachers, 263 children (136 boys and 127 girls) receive education and nutritional support through this programme. Most of the children belonged to SC/ST category. There were centres in Ajodhya hill, Purulia; 2 centres in Santuri, Purulia; 3 centres in Bankura and 1 centre in Jhargram. The centres were operate for 3 hours on all week days except on Sunday.