Integrated Child Development Schemes (ICDS) :

The ICDS launched by Ramakrishna Mission Lokasiksha Parishad is perhaps the first of its kind in the NGO sector in West Bengal. One such programme is located in North Kolkata covering 22 Municipal Ward of eastem side of the metropolis by 125 Anganwadi Centres.  Brutala ICDS was sanctioned by the government of India in 1986, it has made giant strides towards fulfilment of its objectives. The main objective is to look after the mother and the child as a single unit with symbiotic relationship for the ultimate development of the child .This is possible only when mothers get the confidence while participating in any programme concerning the welfare of her child. Under the programme, the children are provided with complete immunization, supplementary nutrition, detection and management of childhood disability, pre-school education, monitoring of health status and health care of the children in the 0-6 age group. For mothers, the scheme looks after pre and post-natal care of the mothers by providing them with nutrition, care for pregnancy related problems and education in child car


Services :

  • To Provide Supplementary Nutrition Among The Children And Mothers Of Particular Centre Areas.
  • To Provide Pre-School Education Between 3 To 6 Years Children.
  • Immunization Is An Another Most Important Services Of The ICDS Progamme.
  • Healthchek-Up.
  • Referral Services And
  • Nutrition And Health Education.


  • To Improve The Nutritional And Health Status Of The Children In The Age Group 0-6 Years.
  • To Reduce Infant Mortality, Child Mortality And Maternal Mortality Rate.
  • To Build Up Proper Phsychological,Physical And Social Development Of The Children.
  • To Enhance The Capability Of The Mother To Look After Their Chidren.


  • Three Awcs Are Reconstructed As A Sishu Aloy By The Other Organization.
  • Burtala Icds Project Able To Arrange Two Vocational Training On Beautician And Soft Toys Making To Empower Eighty Sabla Girl(15-18) Child In 2019-20 F.Y.
  • In Covid -19 Pandemic Situation Near About 2800 Families Have Been Given A Dry Ration Kit And A Hygine Kit By The Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Narendrapur In The Month Of June,2020 . The Dry Ration Kit Which Contains 5kgs Of Rice,2kgs Of Musur Dal,1ltr. Of Mustered Oil And 1kg Of Soyabean. The Hygine Kit Which Contains 2 Soap, 4 Mask And A Sanitizer Bottle.
  • Burtala Icds Project Is Enable To Reduce Percentage Of Malnourished Children From 1% To 0.5% Among Enrolled Beneficiaries