Chaman Bahini (Peripatetic Troupe) Unit

It is a unique innovation of Ramakrishna Mission Lokasiksha Parishad, Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Narendrapur initiated in the year 1956 for Physical and Aesthetic development for children of 6-14 age group. 'Chalaman' means peripatetic and 'Bahini' means a force. So Chalaman Bahini is an ever moving troupe move continuously throughout the year in almost all the 10 districts of West Bengal imparting various types of training for the Physical, Mental, intellectual development and value education to the Children of 247 affiliated village organizations. All the clusters under the Lokasiksha Parishad and the village level club organizations under the respective clusters seek to achieve success of the programme with their cooperation, support and active participation at their respective levels.

The precise objective of the programme is as follows :

  1. To impart value education through Physical exercises, bratachari etc.

  2. To create a base for leadership development.

  3. To encourage the children in their cultural heritage.

  4. To inculcate in them the sense of honesty, selflessness, fellow feeling, cooperation by reciting stories of great men and women of the country.

  5. Visit to heritage sites.

  6. Holding story telling classes.

  7. Value education classes.

  8. Community work.

To achieve such objectives following programmes are normally undertaken under the guidance of core group Master trainers and village level associates (youth leaders) :

  1. Sports

  2. Gymnastics

  3. Yoga

  4. Cultural Function and Competition

  5. Visit to Heritage Sites

  6. Holding story telling classes

  7. Value Education classes

  8. Community Work

Through the implementation of the programme over six decades, the following were achieved :

  1. Made good organizers.

  2. About 560 members of Chalaman Bahini got appointments in Govt. and Private Schools.

  3. 15 members were selected for participation in district, state and national level games. At the state level 4 and 36 members were selected for Kabadi and Kho-Kho games. 10 were made Nayak of Bratachari.

  4. 10 members of Chalaman Bahini were selected for civic police and 2 joined the Kolkata Police department.

  5. Many of the leaders of Chalaman Bahini Joined the Gram Panchayats in different posts.

Chalaman Bahini has been continuing for the last 60 years with the participation of 2,40,000 youths and Children. 8560 youths were made youth leaders and 760 were made Master Trainers.

The special feature of the programme is along with general studies in school, to help the children develop their mental, Physical, intellectual, cultural and leadership qualities and become good citizens of the country.

The Chalaman Bahini continues to involve the children and youths within its fold and help them become established in their future life and become effective leaders to run different development activities. The Chalaman Bahini through its various activities imbibe in the children the values of life and tries to make them most valued citizens in future.

Chalaman Bahini involves the people in general in its all the activities throughout the year. Chalaman Bahini conducts guardians meeting every three month involving the members of the respective club organizations and the guardians of the children involved in the programme. During the conduct of different cultural and other competitions at the cluster level and district level, people participate whole-heartedly hailing from far-flung areas along with their financial support to make such programmes a complete success.

It is the people who keep the programme on move with their active support and participation.



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